IF A Poem Takes Over What Do You Do?

Today we go over the poem taking over your body/brain system. Activating fight or flight, if a poem takes over you, what do you do? You might see some things repeated, like my classes coming up, that will stop being mentioned as they cycle through being done. When a poem starts to run off with you I had one piece of advice: stop.

I know, it sounds counter-intuitive right? If you’re having a visceral reaction it must be good? But, if your body is starting the process of shutting down, and going into fight or flight mode, your writing will eventually turn off as well. It’s not worth making a poem to put your body in crisis mode at a perceived mental threat.

Breathe. Drink tea and do what you need to to come back to your body. Engage all five senses, what do you see/hear/what is around you right now? Take inventory of the body’s system. Reconnect and come back when it’s run through you. Maybe shelve that until the intensity calms down.

Some information on my workshops and projects: 

Talking about the Mental Highway, I do have a workshop with WAN Academy on June 6th doing just that. Writers, non-writers, poets, people who don’t call themselves poets but are pretty adept at words are all invited. To buy tickets for that is this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wan-academy-tapping-into-your-poetic-mental-highway-w-sarah-bellum-mental-tickets-254927183067?aff=sbm

If you share that link with others, I get a commission for tickets sold, and this does help me out. Also, if you’re a WAN Poetry member, sit easy and know that it’s free. 

Also, I am a Guerilla Poet member, and I got free virtual workshops with them. My next one is on February 3rd, Thursday at 6 pm CST, and we will be doing Part II of Compassion Clarity and Poetic Craft. I am working on two workshops with them on Friday and Saturday for a safe space for survivors workshops. 

These workshops are called “Surviving Speaks Poetry Part I and Part II.” The dates for this two day workshop are February 18th and 19th @ 6pm CST. I wanted to provide these safe spaces to talk in community. Sign up is on their page.

My books are still available if you’d like to take them home with you. Poetically word-wise, of course. Every bit helps, and I will do nice shit for you to send with your book and goodies. 

I got Trigger Warning with Bloodmoon Poetry, an anthology for survivors that I’m published in— “Honey Pot,” which is one-minute slam poetry I competed within Slam Mania III. The proceeds from selling the book go to a survivors’ network so that you will be supporting a good cause with it. I bought my copy and it’ll be here soon, but if you want to buy a copy for yourself click here. The funds from buying copies will help with a Survivors Network that they are partnering with so it goes to a good cause.

I also got an anthology with Guerilla Poets coming out soon and another anthology, Good Looks, I’ll be a part of. 

The March shop is live! Ah! https://sarahbellummental.com/merch/ I’m so jazzed and also nervous? Here’s the link. I love the poems turned into shirts. We’ll be having more. I offer too—just the beginning. Also, my logo image that Shane Mainer made for me is one of the creators of Guerilla Poets. 

To all those who hear me, thank you. To all those struggling with kindness or self-compassion for yourself, I see you, I am you, but I know you’re magnificent. Be kind always to your mind. 

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