My Writing Process and Projects

I get asked a lot about my writing process, and this question always makes me tilt my head. Process? 

The process sounds like tap, tap, tap at the keyboard while they smile at me. My process looks like banishing my inner critic. It looks like free writing, then Grammarly as my editing process, then reading out loud for hitches. My process looks like poetic possession.

What is the mental highway, you ask? That’s connecting to my inspiration. Sometimes, I’m not going to lie. She is difficult. She doesn’t want to work with me. When that happens, I use poetry prompts. You can use poetry prompts at all times you like to. I like to use the exact prompt three times and write three very different poems from one source of information. 

Some information on my workshops and projects: 

Talking about the Mental Highway, I do have a workshop with WAN Academy on June 6th doing just that. Writers, non-writers, poets, people who don’t call themselves poets but are pretty adept at words are all invited. To buy tickets for that is this link:

If you share that link with others, I get a commission for tickets sold, and this does help me out. Also, if you’re a WAN Poetry member, sit easy and know that it’s free. 

Guerilla Poets Next Workshop, February 3rd, Self Compassion II

Also, I am a Guerilla Poet member, and I got free virtual workshops with them. My next one is in February 3rd, Thursday 6pm CST, and we will be doing Part II of Compassion Clarity and Poetic Craft. I am working on two workshops with them on Friday and Saturday for a safe space for survivors workshops. You can be a non-writer and just come to be in a group. You can write if you want, or write later if it comes to you. Sign up on their page to join us.

I have a Newsletter you can sign up for, Poetically Powered! Click here and it will be more in-depth information and a little behind the screen of things.

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