1-7-21 The Poetry Stream Feature


It went down for my feature and it was the most amazing thing.

Today is End The Stigma with Guerilla Poets and the poet heading the workshop is my dear friend, Ma Dukes.

Our focus was the zones we stay within, comfort, learning, fear, and growth.

The prompts didn’t seem to do anything for me at first. I was frustrated as shit. It felt like poetic spin cycle on my laundry. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Me.

Then, I guess, they did a lot for me.

I’ll be exploring each one deeper but prompts are generally automatic with me and this wasn’t and felt like a struggle. But the poets were blown away with my poems so I guess they were stronger than my thoughts.

This goes to say: poets do not believe your words are less than just because you’re frustrated with what you wrote. Bounce it off open and objective ears and get feedback. You may have better than you imagined in that poetic pile and you should be proud you just created.

You’re a creator. That is amazing in itself, go out there, make worlds, make trauma visible, realize your feelings are valid and your words are just as valid.

Everyone needs to hear what you say. And if they don’t connect? They’ll find their tribe. And when you find your tribe? Welcome them in, love them, share the love, and be inspired.