Poetic Catalyst Workshop!

I am a writer with over fifteen years of experience performing poetry, slamming, and writing.

Competitor of the Women of the World Poetry Slam, 2021, SoFried Virtual Slam 2021, featured recently in New Mexico August 2021 at Mindwell Poetry. Published two books with small publishers of Mindwell Poetry and Read Or Green Books.

So, I’m excited to announce I’m offering a workshop every other week! I’ve decided to name these workshops “Poetic Catalyst.” They will be Thursdays at 5pm CST, starting October 14th, then October 28th. It will be virtual and I’ll provide you the link once payment is received.

We will be going over how to perform, poetry forms and how to analyze them to improve our own writing and message we’re trying to portray. I will also be holding special space for writers to enter a Self-Care Aftermath for how to navigate tricky emotions after we perform.

If you’re interested just fill out the form! Write down the date you’re interested in and get ready to write.

The price is a sliding scale of $5 per class for those who have a hard time paying to $10-$15 if you can pay more. To pay just click here!

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