The Brightness Beside Us Poetry Workshop 

This Workshop


The Brightness Besides Us Workshop was born from wanting to ask essential questions and turn those answers into poetry. I wanted to have a workshop that was accessible to anyone’s schedule by having it be a self-guided workshop. I created this workshop to make a workshop that takes essential questions and bring the existential search for joy into the discussion. How we can find the brightness inside ourselves despite.

This is a self-guided, do at your own pace workshop that the materials for it will be sent to your email after you sign up. There will be two focus poems to study, and it includes over 10 prompts and an exercise to access how to get inside the poetic mindset before diving into the prompts. You’ll be sent a Google Classroom invitation and I’ll have the prompts from the poems that will be studied as assignments and a place for you to share your poems with me through the Classroom.

Sometimes to find brightness outside ourselves is just to look beside us. Sometimes it is waiting and it’s just looking to be invited inside. This is what I wanted with this explore on your own and self-paced workshop.

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