HOld Holiday Hope Here Writing Workshop

Sarah Bellum Mental here with a new workshop on December 18th, 5-7pm CST for poets to play, create, and be inspired by each other.

Tis’ the season and sometimes the season is heavy. What do you do with that heavy? Do you need a space to process grief, celebration, excitement, loss, and everything in-between? 

Hold Holiday Hope Here is here for you. In this workshop we will try to access through poetry and prompts what processing the holidays through poetry looks like. 

This space is here for whatever you need. We will be meeting virtually and I’ll be emailing out the links to meet. This workshop will be December 18th, from 5pm CST to 7pm. 

Cost is $10 for the workshop.

I’ll have Poetic Damage Assessment open for anyone who attends workshops for aftercare. And class notes will be sent to those who attended for my visual learners. 

This will be a once a month offering. 

To buy your place in my workshop click here