Buy WAN Academy Your Poetic Mental Highway w/SBM

Sarah Bellum Mental here with Write About Now Academy offers a workshop for writers and those who deem themselves non-writers to connect with their Mental Highway of inspiration.

I believe everyone can be a poet. We all have the ability to be inspired by the world around us. It’s just learning to trust that ability to harness words to describe what our inspiration says.

In this class participants will be discussing how to access creativity, inspiration, and how to connect with our inner dialogue to create poetry. How to banish the inner critic by knowing our story deserves to be heard. I will give options for poets who want to produce several poems out of one piece.

Cost is $20 for the workshop. If you are a WAN Poetry member it is free.

This workshop is June 6th, 2022, at 6pm-7:30pm CST and is thanks to Write About Now Poetry Academy. 

To buy your place in my workshop click here

The other poets being featured with me in June are included in this poster. Definitely, if you can, buy a pass to see all of us!